Kaylee Wyant | selected exhibitions

2014    Sunday Afternoons, ADDS DONNA collective, SWDZ, Vienna, Austria.

            Circa AD, ADDS DONNA collective, Trinity College, Palos Heights, IL. 

2013    Rocket Run- Abstraction from Chicago, Elder Gallery, Lincoln, NE.

            Between Hearth & Campfire, ADDS DONNA collective, Open Gallery, Nashville, TN.

2012    Modern Model: Kaylee Wyant & Andy Hall, Roots & Culture Gallery, Chicago, IL.

            Archipelago, ADDS DONNA collective, Manifest Gallery, Chicago, IL.

            Midway Fair: Kaylee Wyant & Matt Nichols, Lvl3 Gallery, Chicago, IL.

            Three Verticies, LVL3 Gallery, Chicago, IL.

            Garden Party, Hinge Gallery, Chicago, IL.

            21st Evanston Biennial, Evanston, IL.  

2011    The Spoon River, Lloyd Dobler Gallery, Chicago, IL.

            Black Moon, ADDS DONNA collective, Half/Dozen Gallery, Portland, OR.

2010    Thrashhold, Highland Park Art Center, Highland Park, IL.

2009   Still Wet, Julius Caesar, Chicago, IL.

            Hear Here, collaborative exhibition with Jerome Acks, Julius Caesar, Chicago, IL.

2008   Built According to... Kaylee Wyant & Mike Andrews, Roots & Culture Gallery, Chicago, IL.